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                    Becoming - a new being
                    Becoming - AWavez
    Becoming - AWavezAWavez at Apple Music
   Becoming - AWavezAWavez at YouTube Music

AWavez selfportrait for
              Vaxi Nation Home 

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                    We Met - how we could have
                    We Met - AWavez
    We Met - AWavezAWavez at Apple Music   We Met - AWavezAWavez at YouTube Music

      This Is Me - or could have been ?
    This Is Me - AWavezThis Is Me - AWavez at
                                        Apple Music
   This Is Me - AWavezThis Is Me - AWavez at
                                        YouTube Music

Driving It - a happy action song
Driving It - AWavez
   Driving It - AWavezDriving It - AWavez at
                                        Apple Music   Driving It - AWavezDrving It - AWavez at
                                        YouTube Music
                    Pick It Up - a dark song with hope
                    Pick It Up - AWavez

                    At the Party - get the party going, rev up the tempo!

                    At the Party - AWavez

                    For a Monster Christmas! (and a scary Childrens Good Night Tale here)
                    Monster Christmas - AWavez

Instrumentals I
Instrumentals I -

The One     
The One - AWavez

Want You
Want You
                                                          - AWavez

Leaving -

ZombieTime - AWavez

Searching - AWavez

Sad Night - walking home alone
Sad Night - AWavez

Your Attention - a salesman, polititian, preacher?

CleanUp - get rid of dictators and other crooks

We are One - a simple love song
We are
                                                          One - AWavez
MakeYourTake Blue Bird album
MakerYourTake Blue
Tribute to David B - Bowie
Tribute to David B - AWavez

Apple Pie - or something else?
Apple Pie - AWavez

Your Name - love song or prayer?
Your Name - AWavez

Blue Bird Fly Free - longing
Blue Bird Fly Free - AWavez

Ride the Sky - take chances
Ride the Sky - AWavez

Lala - baby-pop with Adrian, 13 months
LaLa - Adrian & AWavez

Something from Nothing - album collecting my 2021 songs
Something from Nothing - AWavez

Unicorn - financing a startup
Unicorn - AWavez

Up To You - dependency
Up to You - AWavez

Dictators Beware - the world would be better
Dictators Beware - AWavez

Glorious- a history of modern physics
Glorious - AWavez

Riding my bike - when you need an energy boost!
Riding my bike - AWavez

Move on Up - rough guy falls for decent woman
Move on up - AWavez

If you come - a retrospective proposal
If you come - AWavez

New game - resistance and revolt against undemocratic regimes
New Game - AWavez

Shining - the Humaniverse
Shining - AWavez feat. Paola B

Om Du vill - ett retrospektivt frieri
Om Du vill -

Thumpin' - find your true self
Thumpin' - AWavez

Crazy Dream - did you ever have one?
Crazy DReam - AWavez

I want your love
I want your love - AWavez feat.
                              BonesVB & Nata

Invictus ST - overcome
Invictus ST - AWavez

Invictus - overcome
Invictus - AWavez

Love can be found
Love can be found - AWavez

The World Changes - with a newborn ......
The World Changes cover image

Drop In - going from party to party and dancing, dancing ......
Drop In cover image

Break Away - Did you ever have to break away?
Break Away

Where are we going? - What is the future of humanity in the universe?
Where are we going?

Fake Japanese - not Japanese lyrics
Fake Japanese -
                            AWavez feat. Marie Ork

Rock and a Hard Place - making a difficult choice
Rock and a Hard Place - AWavez feat.
                            Marie Ork

Stone Cold Chiller - world politics personal
                            Cold Chiller - AWavez

Space is Out There - the human race must conquer space
Space is Out There - AWavez feat. Bones
                            & Marie Ork

Techno Villa - life should rock
Techno Villa -

Vaxi Nation - about handling the pandemic
                            Nation - AWavez

First music album: We SpaceTime Waves

Instrumental and experimental - reflecting human experiences.
The title refers to that everything, including us, consists of atoms - and atoms consists of something that  sometimes behaves as (elementary) particles and sometimes as (spacetime) waves - which means that we have two different reality models that works for calculating what will happen in different circumstances - i.e. we do not really know or understand how the universe is set up - yet ........ 

These music pieces are "mood influencing", targetted towards helping the listener to create a specific feeling and/or action based on personal goals.    

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YouTube Music

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