If you come with me

Lyrics by AWavez 211218

Refrain/ chorus
If you come with me
We will travel the years
Together we will face
Both joy and tears

Verse 1
We will savor the days
of our romance
We’ll be kind, supportive
We’ll make love and dance

Verse 2
More important than nations
To complete the generations
A kid or two or three
for our family to be

Verse 3
But I know that in a life
There will be sorrows
We will learn to look ahead
To brighter tomorrows

Verse 4
Happiness can be brief
But there is a relief
To live a life with ease
Consider everything will cease

Verse 5 (short)
We will be lovers but also friends
Make mistakes but make amends

Verse 6
We’ll need energy and grit
for society to do our bit
We’ll do better than some
For generations to come

Verse 7
We work, save and invest
So when we need we can rest
We will nurture and play
To music we’ll sway